If you want to learn how to manage your finances, you do not need to shell out big money to take formal classes. Today, the internet offers an array of free personal finance courses you can take in your spare time. Most of them are entirely free, but you may need to pay a small fee to receive a certificate. Here are some free personal finance classes to help you better manage your money.

Udemy- Personal Finance 101
If you want to learn the basics of personal finance, Udemy offers this class for beginners. The course discusses topics that include credit, taxes, buying a house, going to college and the costs of getting married. The class also discusses specific personal finance paths you can take based on your income and budget.

Udemy is an online learning platform offering classes on a wide range of topics. For example, the platform offers a personal finance course with 121 lectures called the “Complete Personal Finance Course: Save, Protect, Make More.” The topics include how to file taxes, understanding credit and how to build a budget.

Brigham Young University- Free Personal Finance Class
The world-renowned Brigham Young University offers a free online class to anyone interested in personal finance. The class provides a plethora of information for learners at all skill levels. You can take courses on how to achieve financial independence, how to buy a house and how to attain specific financial goals. Other courses include assignments on money-management skills along with video tutorials from the school’s top finance professors.

Planning for a Secure Retirement- Purdue University
Purdue University offers a free course on preparing for a secure retirement. This self-guided course offers ten modules broken down into specific lessons on how to plan for retirement. Although the course is primarily for people who want to learn how to achieve a secure retirement, it is full of information on finance and money.

Rutgers University- Investing for Your Future
Offered by Rutgers University, this free, self-guided online course teaches you the fundamentals of investing. You will learn how to set aside money for investing, how to invest in mutual funds and how to use tax-deferred investing to your advantage. Rutgers offers the course in partnership with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the United States Department of Agriculture and the Financial Security for All community.