On March 8th, I am hosting an event in Abuja to commemorate this year’s International Women’s Day. I look forward to engaging on the long-term issues surrounding women and evolving our understanding of the empowered woman as it pertains to sustainable business and social enterprise. While I hope to inspire and educate attendees on the potential and possibilities within these sectors, I also hope to start important conversations around these subjects that continue long past March 8th. The Sustainable Development Goals set their sights on 2030 which will be here before we know it. Time’s are changing and I hope you will join me in these lasting engagements not just on International Women’s day, but everyday, as we strive to evolve not just Nigeria, but the world. Join me as we #PressForProgress and work towards #WomenRising2030 .

Originally published at aishababangida.com on February 28, 2018.